SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS message service or SMS Marketing is a form of marketing that businesses can use to send messages or promotions via text message to their customers. It has several advantages over other forms of digital marketing.


Unlike email or social media marketing, you don’t have to worry about content design. Text messages are usually low on content and quick and easy to produce and send. They also reach the recipient faster than a social media post or an email would. The instant the text message is sent out, the recipient will receive it in seconds. And since it is sent directly to their phone, they most likely will be notified when it arrives.

High Open Rates

Once they get the notification, there is a 98% chance that they will open the text to read your message. In comparison, email marketing open rates range in the neighborhood of 21%.

High Response Rates

Again, email marketing click-through rates are hardly over 7%. SMS Text messages are responded to at a rate of 45%. Your customers are highly more likely to click on a link you send via text versus sending an email.

We’re certain your business would benefit by using an SMS Text Marketing strategy for your customer engagement. Contact us today for more information on how you can get started!

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